The barn


Open View Farm is a diversified, organic farm located on 180 acres in New Haven, Vermont. We raise lambs, laying hens and heritage breed broiler chickens, produce maple syrup, and grow a variety of vegetables. Our lamb, eggs, meat birds, and vegetables are certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers, LLC. Our lambs are raised on pasture in the spring, summer, and fall and are sustained on good quality hay during the winter months. Our animals have access to the outdoors all year round.

We sell our farm products at the Shelburne Farmer's Market in the summer, on and directly from our farm.

Our goals are to produce local high quality food and to keep farming alive in Vermont. We would love to give you a tour of our farm, and introduce you to Ted and Solomon, our resident llama and alpaca! While the farm may not look bustling in the early spring, you will be surprised by the level activity in the barn, as dozens of new lambs hop and leap about. You can also come by to taste fresh maple syrup straight from the evaporator any time you see steam coming out of the sugarhouse.